Qwest Communications
Qwest / US West Merger Employee Meeting


Qwest Employee Meeting In 2000 Qwest Communications needed to communicate the intent and impact of their acquisition/merger with the telecommunications company US West to their employees.

Qwest Employee Meeting This project necessitated working directly with Qwest's Corporate Communications, HR, IT and IR departments and then integrating with their advertising, public relations and branding agencies, the event included the production of several programs targeted to employees, partners and key customers of both companies as well as the press. The overriding objective was to speak directly to over 40,000 Qwest/US West employees in 19 major cities simultaneously.

Qwest Employee Meeting The event was held with two live broadcasts emanating from the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO that connected to 18 satellite venues across the U.S. with 2-way communication allowing for an interactive Q&A session between the speaker in Denver and the attendees of each city. This was accomplished via satellite over Qwest's intranet (behind their firewall) as well as on the web, cable TV, a broadcast over US West's internal TV network to 164 sites, telephone listening lines and employee call in telephone lines. Edited versions were made available on the web for on-demand viewing.